Watch Pacquiao vs Algieri Live Stream Nov- 22 at Venetian Macao

Manny Pacquiao (L) from the Philippines and Chris Algieri of the U.s. (R) stance amid a news gathering at Venetian Macao.

While Mayweather is as of now searching for motivation to battle Pacquiao, the Filipino boxer is getting prepared for his next battle against American Chris Algieri on Nov. 22 at the Venetian Macao inn. Pacquiao is viewed as one of the top boxers on the planet with 56-5-2 (38kos) in his record and Algieri has something to say in regards to his rival.

Algieri alludes to Pacquiao as a southpaw and says that he’s as of now vanquished six southpaws and doesn’t see any motivation behind why he can’t beat an alternate. Indeed with a 20-0 record with 8 Kos however, he is viewed as the underdog in this battle.

“My mentor, Tim Lane is really a southpaw. He’s a lefty. Thus, we’ve never had an issue managing soutpaws in the past and Tim knows the majority of the southpaw traps and how to manage them,” Algieri said.

“It’s simply that when you are discussing soutpaws by and large, its managing punches from that point and getting used to a right snare instead of a left snare and to a straight left hand descending the funnel with force or the poke from that side and getting settled with that,” he includes.

Pacquiao is plainly the speedier contender in this match yet Algieri concedes that and says that there are a couple of contenders in his camp who match the Filipino boxer in size and rate. While he positively can’t match Pacquiao’s velocity, he would match it with overall timed counters.

He says that no one in his camp has confronted anyone with Pacquiao’s style and that Manny is his style and individual. He includes that no one battles like him.

“This is my seventh southpaw however that I’ve battled, so’s nothing but the same old thing new to me. I’ve worked with huge amounts of velocity gentlemen in the rec center and the thing about pace is that I’m not a moderate fellow myself,” Algieri said.